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The schwartzman brothers lovers' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The schwartzman brothers lovers

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Icons [02 Feb 2010|05:44pm]

23 Fantastic Mr. Fox
19 I Heart Huckabees
12 Paul McCartney in sweatervests
21 Pushing Daisies
5 Mad Men - Pete Campbell
23 Matthew Goode
10 A Single Man

The rest are HERE.
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Jason Schwartzman Interview "Fantastic Mr. Fox" [23 Nov 2009|05:05pm]

Here is a great interview Manny did with Jason

Jason Schwartzman Interview "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
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[20 Nov 2009|01:10am]

11 Skins
15 Twiggy
24 Paul McCartney
24 Rushmore
22 Mad Men
28 Glee
20 Arrested Development

The rest are HERE.
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Icons [06 Oct 2009|12:15am]

49 Mad Men (3x08 "Souvenir")
20 Jason Schwartzman

The rest are HERE.
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[04 Oct 2009|12:28am]

14 The Beatles
15 The Darjeeling Limited
04 The History Boys
04 The Royal Tenenbaums
06 I Heart Huckabees
02 Mad Men (Pete Campbell)
12 Skins

01 Ringo Starr
02 Mad Men (Pete Campbell)
01 Skins
01 Glee
06 Arrested Development
01 The Darjeeling Limited

The rest over HERE
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Bored to Death comm [20 Sep 2009|11:44pm]

Jason Schwartzman's new show Bored to Death premiered tonight on HBO, and I've created a community for fans of the show over at boredtodeath_tv.

All fans of the show and cast are welcome!
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[24 Jan 2008|03:29pm]

Anyone have any idea when Darjeeling Limited will be out on DVD? I'm anxious to watch it again and they don't have it in any theaters here anymore :-(
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Vote for Rooney on VH1 [01 Jan 2008|02:25am]

[ mood | excited ]

Robert's band Rooney has their second video on VH1's Top 20 Countdown list... vote if you you like the video at VH1.com

Happy new year btw!!!


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[31 Dec 2007|12:28am]

[1-60] Rushmore
[61-79] Bottle Rocket


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I'll be posting the rest as soon as I can. Just too busy.
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